Susan Walsh Art Consultancy is an international art consultancy service which specialises in sourcing and providing art for international hospitality clients and designers for the past 10 years.  We manage all aspects of providing a full art consultancy service for the hospitality, commercial and private residential sectors.  We specialise in acquiring artwork and installations from both established artists and reputable art galleries to finding emerging talent across the globe.  We deliver curated collections made up of existing artwork to commissioning custom, site specific work.

Our full comprehensive service begins at the concept development stage through to design, procurement, project management and installation.  Our collaborative relationships with artists, design studios and reputable art galleries mean that we can obtain the best possible work and guarantee competitive costs.  Our studio can provide custom fabrication to create unique artwork relative to the location and design narrative.  We also provide framing, fine art shipping and installation services.

We believe that art has become an integral part of the design and concept for hotels where we now see a growing niche of discerning travellers who seek not only luxury but culture, experience, authenticity and creativity.  Artwork adds value, cultural identity and a lifestyle experience for the hotel brands and their guests.

Artwork should inspire, provoke and entertain.